FAQs & Myths

We have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and myths. Please click on the faq below to see the answer.

Homoeopathy is a science which acts by stimulating one’s own immune system. It believes that there lies in every individual, a power to heal its own body. Thus, once a correctly chosen homoeopathic remedy is prescribed, the person itself is on his road to recovery.

Homeopathy can also be prescribed to people of all ages. Even with a person of lowest vitality can be made to recover with a rightly selected dose of a remedy.

Homoeopathy carries an immense potential to turn surgical cases, non-surgical. The action of these medicines acts as deep as a surgeon’s knife.

Homoeopathy is based on rock solid principles, which don’t need to be reproved again and again. Many new drugs are also proved each day.

Every student of homoeopathy undergoes an extensive study of the subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, forensic, gynecology, peadriatics, dermatology, medicine, pathology and other allied subjects during the course of four-and-a-half years. A One year hand on training is also provided at the medical school.

Unlike the belief of people that a homoeopathic practitioner does not need knowledge of man and disease, is wrong. Unless we have a complete knowledge of the man in health, his physiology and man in disease, his pathology, no course of action can be decided. Nor can one see the prognosis of the disease.

In this fast paced world, where popcorn is made in just two minutes, people look out for results which are instant. Majority of the people have a misconception that every homoeopathic remedy acts slowly. Therefore, they always resort to homoeopathy as a last option available to them. Our masters have rightly said that it is not Homoeopathy, which fails but the Homoeopath. If prescriptions are not made considering the man in disease, but the disease in man, results would never be quick. Homoeopathy is as quick as any other system of medicine in acute diseases. For chronic diseases too, homoeopathy works and goes real deep into one’s system, that it annihilates the disease from its origin. It also makes sure that the next generations are also helped by preventing the disease to be passed over.

Homoeopathic medicines can be taken by people of every age group. Homoeopathic medicines come to rescue even in cases of pregnancy and during the time of labor and post-delivery in females. Also, these have very effective results in cases of new born.

Many people avoid a homoeopathic medicine because of the misbelief that one has to quit his favorite cup of coffee and also cannot use onions and garlic. Therefore, it is not true as there are not all medicines, which require one to have such diet restrictions.

Yes one can take homoeopathic medicine in case diagnosed with diabetes. There is also an option available where one can be prescribed homoeopathic medicine dispensed in a liquid.

Yes, homoeopathic medicines can be taken along with the other conventional medication. There are certain restrictions about which one is guided according to his own personal need and requirement.

There are no expiry dates of homoeopathic medicines. But the medicated globules may be rejected when their white color changes. In case of liquid form, if there is change in color or sediments are detected, then the medicine should also be discarded. Freshly prepared homoeopathic medicines, in alcohol, have strong smell which gradually diminishes with passage of time. But some patients attribute it to be diminution of their efficacy and do not like to continue those odorless medicines. This is a wrong notion, because the quality of the medicines, existing in dynamic form, remains unaltered. However, it is advisable to store Homoeopathic medicines in a dry cool, covered place away from strong sunlight and strong smelling substance

It’s a myth that homoeopathy is just for cough, cold and symptoms of minor skin problems. Its action is much deeper. In many surgical cases, homoeopathy works wonders and one does not require any surgery. It’s based on prescribing on one genetic constitution. This shows how deep it goes and affects a person.

Homoeopathy treats the man in disease and not the disease in man. Because no two individuals are alike, we need to prescribe each one based on his unique set of qualities, his nature, personality, needs, stress one undergoes and his defense mechanism. We prescribe in homoeopathy a tailor made medicine for each individual depending upon his own need and requirement.

A detailed history gives us an insight into ones unique qualities which helps a homoeopath to individualize each patient as a unique individual and thus helps in selection of the right homoeopathic remedy.

Due to the dynamic nature of homeopathic medicines, the researchers find it difficult to get into the real nature of any homeopathic medicine. Because it is difficult to find material drug in the potentized medicines, homeopathy is often mislabeled as a Placebo Therapy, which is truly incorrect. With the advances in nano science and genetics, it is becoming easier for researchers to find out how a homeopathic medicine acts on cellular and genetic level in an individual.

Homoeopathic remedy if chosen well and prescribed in a correct potency helps stimulate one’s own immune system. There are people whose vitality is so low that body gives up. Thus these medicines also help in these cases to raise the vitality by stimulating the body at the right time. Once correctly stimulated, bodies own defenses come into play and hasten the recovery.

It is yet another myth that homoeopathic medicines can be habit forming. Though in chronic cases the treatment might last for a couple of years. There is no chance of one being addicted to these medicines.

A Homeopathic aggravation is nothing, but slight intensification of the symptoms, which follows administration of the curative remedy. It’s just a reaction of body, which had a lowered degree of susceptibility (It is a state, an attitude of organisms to internal causes and external circumstances).

It is just as a piece machinery in which the bearings have become dry or have rusted. It’s because of the disuse, it creaks and groans when it is started again.

Thus the diseased, congested, sluggish organs of the body sometimes squeak and groan when they begin to respond to the action of the curative remedy. This is the “Hahnemann Doctrine of Vitality”.

A right Homeopathic remedy, after a slight aggravation , aims to attain a state where in a diseased condition a single ray of light would cause an excruciating pain in an inflamed retina and in its healthy condition can welcome the full light of the day.

White sugar pills are just a vehicle for the medicines to be prescribed. All medicines put into these pills are unique for every individual, though dispensed in the same white pills.

After a right homeopathic remedy has been prescribed, one should expect general well-being at the level of mind body and soul. There is always improvement in quality of one’s sleep, appetite, bowels and activity levels. There is an increased level of motivation during his daily existence. Observation should also be made with respect to the changes in the main complaint and the pattern of the change. . Along with this the ailment for which the medicine has been prescribed also starts to show a decrease and eventually a cure follows depending on the severity and prognosis. Therefore, after the right prescription has been made, one can expect to see the complaint being cured along with positive changes in the overall well being and happiness level of the person.

There are not many restrictions during your course of medication. There are few medicines with which one is asked to avoid coffee, alcohol, chocolates or raw onions. This is guided to the patient once the treatment is started.

One is asked to avoid menthol based articles. Deodorants, ointments and perfumes are also to be avoided to hasten the action of the prescribed medicine. These given things change the electro chemical gradient of the body and diminish the release of the toxins from the body in the right direction.

Initially it’s important for the Homeopath to be satisfied about the nature of the complaint. It’s quite important for judging the seriousness of that ailment at that moment. Also, it is important for understanding the pathological prognosis for the future. Therefore a Homeopath needs to examine all the previous health and treatment records and laboratory reports. If the condition is still unclear, it may be important to gather more laboratory or radiological information.

In Homeopathy the symptoms of mind, the nature and temperament are brought out for the purpose of understanding deeply the true pathology. It shows the precise way in which the defense mechanism is acting and, therefore, of finding the most appropriate remedy that may lead to an ideal cure.

The patients when asked such questions about their personal lives believe that these secrets are so shocking and so unacceptable that others would not be capable of handling them. They at times are viewed as deep dark sins, which must be repressed and hidden at all costs. How one reacts and copes up in tough times shows his/her mind make up. These hidden images, feelings or fears are of utmost importance to a homeopath because they are the expression of the activity of the defense mechanism on the deepest levels of the organism.

A well selected remedy helps one to come out of pessimism to optimism. Pessimism or optimism of an extreme type results from a narrow perception of life situation. Even the darkest cloud has its silver lining. A failure may bring us insights and realizations, which success may never bring. Therefore, once the remedy starts to act on one’s mind, body and at the level of soul, the whole perception towards life changes. Mind shifts its gears from the old despair, sadness, hollowness, loneness to optimism, happiness and tranquility. It’s because all good thinking is channeled through the mind. There is an individual’s perception of reality. Homeopathy works towards changing this perception to a healthy perception.

The substitution of one remedy with the other cannot be thought of or entertained in Homoeopathy. Here in homeopathy, the homeopath must study the patient from the beginning to the end. Homeopathy believes that there are cases that are so mixed, no matter how much the homoeopath studies, cannot see the distinctions. But one has to remember one thing that there is always one remedy that is needed in the case, whether it is known or not. It has no substitute, for that remedy differs from all other medicines, just as an individual patient differs from all other individuals. Therefore, no medicine can ever replace any medicine, nor one can be as good as another.

Thus one can say, taking a homoeopathic medicine is like getting a custom made suit, which the tailor makes for you considering your need and style and what would suit you best.