Dr. I am quite well. Before taking homeopathic medicine, i was taking aleopathic medicine with so many prohibitions.i was suffering with Sialolithiasis .However after taking homeopathic medicine I am feeling quite better and taking each and everything. In my experience homeopathic is permanent and easy treatment. Moreover your behaviour is also kind and appreciable. You are a reliable doctor.

Mr. Narang

My son Aval was diagnosed with adenoids and was facing recurrent nasal and chest congestion and it was extremely difficult to manage the symptoms so often. Aval started treatment with Dr Kumud at the age of 2.5 yrs and within 6 months the rxtay clearly showed that the inflamed adenoids had subsided . This was nothing short of a miracle as the ENT docters had suggested surgery. Dr Kumud took great pains to assimilate every small growing change in his habits and moods and fine tuned his medicines regularly. We are extremely grateful to her for her sincere and dedicated involvement in making a life changing contribution to our lives.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you. Your care and compassion has made such a difference in my daughters’ life.From the very first day when I came to you for treatment, I have observed tremendous change in the way she feels. She was suffering from “Urticaria”. I heard a lot about the treatments you had given, from few of your patients and decided to consult you. I told you of Payal’s condition and you assured me that you would like to treat her. After hearing the extent of improvement in your earlier cases, I was eager to see my daughter’s recovery. I was really amazed to see such a quick improvement and complete disappearance of rashes. And this was not enough when she came up to me one day and told that her menstrual periods aren’t regular, in a way that she hadn’t felt it from last 4 months and was diagnosed with PCOD. You took it really seriously and kick-started the treatment immediately. With a lot of patience you continued the treatment and finally the day came when her ultrasound reports came out perfectly fine. I am really grateful to Dr. Kumud for relieving my daughter of such diseases, which no one could cure in 10 years.

Mrs. Shashi Chugh ( Ambala)

Dr Kumud has been managing all side effects of my hypothyroid condition for the last several years. It has made a huge difference to my condition and with her help I was able to overcome several chronic ailments and continue to take her help in helping me lead a comfortable life I'm ever grateful to her for taking suchdetail look into aspects of my condition and helping in relieving my problems.


In early 2010 , our son aged 7 years + started Suffering from allergic symptoms like rashes and redness of skin & Swollen up lip etc. at any time of the day and for no particular reason . The cause was not Known even though we tried to find out by changing the food and even change of place did not help. We kept an giving him anti allergy drugs almost every alternate day.
We tried giving him Some homeopathy medicine but nothing seemed to work for him. He suffered from urticaria for more than one year . Then by end June of 2011 we came to know Dr. KUMUD.
She asked in detail about our son ,his likings and disliking, so as to know his body's physicaI & mental constitution. then she started him with her tailor made medicine and to our greatest relief he got relief from allergy in about two-three weeks'time. Although Dr. Kumud continued him on medication for about one year so as to make him strong from within.
We are very happy that she helped us to live a normal life again.

Kanchan (Mother)